Credit Unions

Credit Unions

Credit unions are institutions that offer a number of services beyond simple banking to its membership. Credit unions also provide loans, mortgages, lines of credit and other financial services. These civic minded organizations also often give back to the local community and encourage local small businesses with loans and creative lending plans. At Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services we are pleased to help those credit unions and their SEGs (Select Employer Groups) who are looking to expand their offerings to make the possibility of membership more attractive to potential and current members. At Countrywide, we have designed several legal benefit products that can be offered as membership services to the membership of any credit union. These include our Personal Legal Protector Plan, Financial Wellness and our Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring plans. These are the kind of group legal benefits and services which can really make a difference for an individual.

Countrywide provides great legal benefit plans. Our Personal Legal Protector Plan gives your members access to a nationwide network of professional attorneys who practice in various areas of law. No matter if they’re dealing with family legal issues or government programs, this group plan can provide free legal assistance in most cases as part of the legal benefit. The group legal plan does not cover work-related issues, but most other matters can be handled within the scope of the plan’s features, which can be tailor-made for the credit union.

Similarly, Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring Plans give credit union members immediate access to their credit information to help them prevent and identify fraudulent activity. Daily credit monitoring also allows members to rest assured knowing that their accounts are being watched at all times for suspicious charges, inquiries or new accounts.

Legal services such as any of the ones already mentioned provide the kind of assistance members need in their ordinary daily lives. It is a safe bet that sooner or later a person is going to need an attorney and a group legal benefit will help with the costs. That is not where it ends with the services provided by Countrywide. It is understood by all of our attorneys that any service provided to a plan member must include empathy and high quality customer service. Countrywide screens attorneys for both their legal knowledge and their ability to interact with plan members. Those legal professionals who have evidence of good people skills will be part of the network of attorneys in a Countrywide group legal plan. Those who do not have such qualities are not in the network. It is all that simple. Credit union management will be pleased to know that customer service is crucial to us, and also is easy to administer. The Countrywide group legal benefit is intended to have no administrative problems and provide the best assistance possible.

The products we offer at Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services are value-added benefits that provide the very best with the least possible administrative effort. There are no forms to fill out and there are no minimum participation requirements. If a credit union wants to have a specific feature to the plan, Countrywide is more than happy to make the needed addition or revision. We work with these organizations so they can be of better service to their own members. There truly is no downside to offering a Countrywide legal services plan to the membership, so contact us today to find out more. Countrywide is very happy to answer any questions and make recommendations to help improve quality. Call us toll-free at 1-800-550-5297 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response.


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