Individual Legal Plans

Individual Legal Plans

Since 1987, Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has had the pleasure of helping companies and individuals gain access to some of the best legal assistance possible. Our group legal plans have helped trade unions, associations, EAPs, credit unions and individuals as well as companies of all sizes, provide legal benefits that have helped their employees and members. We have an extensive network of highly professional attorneys whose expertise has solved numerous legal problems at highly affordable prices.

The foundation of our legal benefits is the Personal Legal Protector Plan, offering the kind of help that employees really appreciate. This includes certain services such as telephone calls and consultations that are unlimited. We understand that companies and organizations come in all different shapes and sizes, and Countrywide is more than happy to develop exactly the right kind of group legal plan that is needed to suit any workforce or membership.

Personal Legal Protector Plan

Human resources wants to be able to offer comprehensive benefits to employees; the kind that covers all types of problems these hard-working people encounter. The Countrywide Personal Legal Protector Plan offers legal benefits such as Preparation of Wills, Living Wills and Medical Powers of Attorney, Unlimited Telephone Consultation and Advice, Face-to-Face Consultations, Review of Contracts and Documents, Identity Theft Protection and Assistance, Advice on Small Claims Court, Advice on Government Programs, Access to Legal Referral Network and other necessary legal services, as well as additional unique services our members receive. What we offer will benefit employers just as much as employees. Problems of presenteeism and absenteeism will be drastically reduced, because employees will not have to worry anymore about legal emergencies and are free to concentrate more on their performance goals and objectives. That is a definite advantage management will be pleased about.

Tailored Plans

Many employers have unique needs, and the insurance brokers and consultants serving valued clients often need specially designed legal benefits plans for them. That is not a problem for us at all. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has considerable experience working with trade unions, credit unions, and associations as well as various business establishments. We gladly tailor group legal plans that are specific for the given client, and takes into consideration the distinctive demographics of the organization (e.g. if the workforce is made up of more mature employees, we can customize the plan so that Living Will and Medical Powers Of Attorney are the primary benefits). It is our pleasure to do this.

Employers want to help their employees, but they also want benefits that are easy to administer. That is one of the trademarks of a Countrywide legal benefits plan. Our group legal services do not require hours of tedious procedures to implement. Human resources departments will enjoy the fact that our plans include

  • NO Minimum Participation
  • NO Minimum Group Size
  • NO Administrative Fees
  • NO Claim Forms for Administrators or Members
  • NO Work Related Coverage

Plans designed by Countrywide are definitely not administrative headaches.

Whatever type of group legal plan you choose; rest assured that your members will have the benefit of the expertise of some of the best attorneys in the profession. We only accept the most qualified in our network. Countrywide prides itself on customer service, and empathy as well as expert knowledge is expected of all legal professionals who are part of our network. Each one is screened for both knowledge and personal skills. Your employees and members deserve the very best because they are so much a part of your success. Rest assured that is exactly what you will get from Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services.

To find out more, call us toll-free at 1-800-550-5297 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response.


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