Employers and Human Resources

Employers and Human Resources

Smart managers know that it’s not enough to just provide any kind of benefit to employees. An intelligent workforce knows whether or not an employee paid benefit is worth having, and they are not going to spend any money to pay for a benefit that isn’t much more than window dressing and provides little assistance. There’s got to be a solid return on investment with great services for every penny spent. A group legal plan devised by Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does exactly that.

Employees need to have the kind of service that helps them work through issues like adoption, landlord – tenant issues, and disputes over property. Countrywide has a number of services that can offer assistance in these matters, as well as drafting a will, immigration issues, and other problems that take employees concentration away from productive work. Any employer wants to have an employee paid benefit that is not going to be a pain the neck to administer. Countrywide wants to make things as easy as possible and our group legal plans include some of these attractive features for employers:

  • NO Minimum Participation
  • NO Administrative Fees
  • NO Claim Forms for the company or the employees
  • NO Work Related Coverage for the employees

Human resources is always sensitive to the needs of employees, and wants to be assured that every one of them is treated with courtesy and respect. Countrywide agrees with that type of empathy, and the lawyers in our network have extensive legal knowledge and superior personal skills. Some of our services that place a very high emphasis on customer service include unlimited telephone consultation, review of contracts and other legal forms, and unlimited telephone calls and letters on behalf of the plan member. These are some of the special touches that let people know that an employee paid benefit from Countrywide treats everyone as an individual and not a statistic.

We’ve been providing companies with group legal plans since 1987 and we know that employers come in all types. That is a reason why we offer flexibility in structure so that an employer can better create a plan that suits the needs of the employees. With our legal services options, you can tailor your benefits package to meet your employees’ ability to pay as well as your company’s desired fiscal involvement. Countrywide provides three very attractive alternatives:

  1. A plan fully paid by employees through voluntary payroll deductions
  2. A plan partially paid by employees and employer
  3. A plan fully paid by employer

Plan administration is incredibly easy and a Countrywide group legal plan fits in with any comprehensive employee benefit program. That is something any human resources department would want to have, and once in place the Countrywide plan will result in:

  • Reduced Presenteeism (present employees who are mentally distracted)
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Increase Productivity and Retention
  • Low Cost Benefit

The last benefit is without a doubt the best feature. And, it goes without saying that legal service will be provided by lawyers who truly care about an individual’s needs and seek to remedy any problem as quickly as possible.

Countrywide staff will be made available to hold either one-on-one sessions or group meetings to inform employees about the benefits of the group legal plan and answer any questions. We conduct these meetings during open enrollment periods, or whenever it is most convenient.

Most employees use their legal plan 4.2 times a year. Countrywide guarantees that your employees can have the service of a highly qualified attorney when the need arises, and before a situation becomes a problem. To find out more, call us toll-free at 1-800-550-5297 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response.


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