Warranty Problems & Consumer Protection Advice

Warranty Problems

Have you ever gotten a “lemon” from a car dealership? Have you ever bought an expensive electronic device, only to have it malfunction days later? Have you ever been given the runaround by a company who simply won’t make good on a promise of service or warranty? These problems can be extremely frustrating at the least, and hazardous or harmful in the worst situations.

People will always buy products that have warranties that come with the merchandise. But the fine print will tell exactly what will be covered by the warranty. Sales campaigns happen all the time with fantastic prices to attract consumers. It’s sad, but it does happen that the great new gizmo can malfunction after a day or so. That’s when people go back to the store to find out that the warranty doesn’t cover this or the sales policy won’t allow that. It is deeply frustrating and a group legal plan that can address warranty problems and consumer issues would be great. Fortunately, Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can provide a group legal plan that includes a legal benefit to help with consumer issues.

Faulty products can be dangerous, and companies who sell merchandise should live up to any warranty or take back anything that is deficient. Some don’t and that can be awfully annoying. It may require the assistance of a seasoned lawyer to resolve the issue, and Countrywide group legal plans such as the Personal Legal Protector Plan will connect a plan member to a seasoned attorney who is familiar with consumer protection. As part of the Countrywide legal benefit, one of our network lawyers will help a consumer deal with an unethical car dealer, repair , associate, or a company that simply refuses to live up to its promises. The Countrywide group legal plan enables a plan member to receive excellent legal advice in consumer protection matters and better understand fraud, breach of contract, what constitutes a defective product, as well as other matters pertaining to consumer protection. We definitely have a solution for warranty and consumer protection problems that any employee might encounter.

The Countrywide legal benefit gives full access to network attorneys who can provide the necessary services to deal with any unfulfilled warranty, or manage a consumer complaint. These professionals are experienced in consumer, and warranty law. Just as important, these legal professionals are known for superior customer service. They really do understand how frustrating it is to deal with a consumer issue, and will be patient with any plan member who has a problem. These attorneys will also come up with the right solution.

Human resources will be pleased to know that a group legal plan from Countrywide is very easy to administer. We can set up a prepaid payroll deduction plan that will allow for very easy administration and provide the kind of legal benefit that employees will certainly enjoy. Countrywide will gladly work with management to develop the type of plan that fits exactly the needs of employees. The warranty and consumer protection advice is just one element of a comprehensive benefit. Countrywide also offers help with real estate law, immigration, and drafting wills. Every one of the services offered within one of our plans has the same high level of customer service, and the same attention to detail. These are the kind of legal benefit plans that provide full assistance when it is needed.

Since 1987, Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has been helping individuals and organizations afford reliable prepaid legal aid for a variety of personal and family matters. We are confident in what we have to offer will fulfill any need for legal service. We definitely welcome the opportunity to explain in detail all we can do, and we certainly will answer or meet with a prospective client about our legal benefit answering any questions that a prospective client may have about a legal benefit. To find out more, call us toll-free at 1-800-550-5297 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response. We offer group and individual coverage from coast to coast in the U.S.


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