Who We Work With

Who We Work With

Lawyers happen to be the legal benefit providers for a Countrywide plan and as a part of our Personal Legal Protector Plan; plan members will have access to our nationwide network of skilled attorneys. With our group legal plan, a person can speak to a local attorney in his or her community regarding a wide range of legal matters. These can go the entire spectrum of legal issues that affect people including creating living and simple wills, designating medical powers of attorney, reviewing contracts and documents, advice on government programs and small claims court, family issues and more. Those who are part of the Personal Legal Protector Plan are always pleasantly surprised at how extensive the legal benefit offerings happens to be.

Vacation time is when everybody travels and sometimes go out of state. It does not stop legal issues from occurring, but the legal benefit of a Countrywide group legal plan does not stop at the border. If a plan member has a legal issue that must be handled outside of the state of residence, that person will be referred to an attorney in the Countrywide network who concentrates in a particular legal area suited to the particular needs. Countrywide works with group legal plan members across the nation, and we have a network of professional attorneys throughout the United States. No matter where the plan member may happen to be, that individual will receive the same level of customer service and attention. Countrywide sees to it that the attorneys in our network appreciate that the unwritten legal benefit of Countrywide is empathy and respect. These legal professionals will take all the time that is necessary to help resolve any legal issue, and will gladly write letters or make telephone calls on behalf of a plan member. What’s more, a person can save money by using our legal plan for all kinds of legal needs. Even if it happens that a lawyer has to be hired for a more complicated matter, Countrywide can provide both referrals and offer a discounted rate of 25% off of scheduled and hourly rates and a 10% discount for contingency fee cases (i.e. personal injury).

Employers want to be able to offer a legal benefit that is not complicated to administer. Simplicity is a working quality of what Countrywide has to offer. We can help set up a voluntary prepaid payroll deduction that is easy to administer, and still provides superior customer service and benefits.

About Us

Since 1987, Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has been providing affordable legal plans for people from all walks of life and organizations of all sizes. Our Personal Legal Protector Plan is designed to offer the most essential legal services that every American needs but often can’t afford individually. With our group legal plan, we are able to lower the cost of these services to highly affordable levels, and offer them as one superior package that pays for itself multiple times over. With our legal services a plan member and that person’s dependents can rest assured that the most essential legal needs are taken care of and handled by experts.

Employers can be assured that Countrywide is flexible enough to tailor any plan to best fit the needs of management and employees alike. We work with employers and human resource departments of various organizations to make sure that whatever is provided is the best service possible. We greatly welcome the opportunity to explain more about the Countrywide group legal plans. To find out more, call us toll-free at 1-800-550-5297 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response.


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