Delaware has the nickname The First State because it was the first of the original 13 colonies to ratify the Constitution. This is the bread basket for much of the heavily urbanized Atlantic coast, and is a largely farming and poultry producing state. The residents of Delaware have a friendly attitude, but they also are very keen on finances. The banking industry is a prominent employer. This is also a state that has a college graduation rate which, at 70%, is higher than most of its neighbors. Legal issues are not foreign matters to the folks of Delaware and a group legal plan can certainly resolve a number of problems.

Delaware may have only three counties, but it still means that local public agencies have to be dealt with. People needing services can get awfully confused by red tape. Countrywide pre-paid legal services has developed group legal plan benefits that include assistance in dealing with local government. People also can look to Countrywide attorneys for help in determining what legal documents mean. Anyone who has farm property knows the importance of proper leasing language in any contract. The Countrywide attorney can make sure there is no confusion in the clauses. Any property can be subject to the mercies of probate court. If a person dies intestate. Countrywide offers the opportunity for people draw up a solid will that sees to it that the estate is handled as it should. Any warranties on equipment or appliances can be upheld with a Countrywide attorney on the job. Medical crisis is better handled with the living will medical power of attorney documents that are included as Countrywide legal benefits. Peace of mind is one of the side benefits of our legal support.

Delaware is not a major urban area but that does not mean its citizens are unschooled in employee benefits. These people appreciate the kind of benefit that gives substantial coverage to them and their families. The down-home personal touch means a lot as well. Countrywide attorneys are recruited for their high levels of empathy. No matter who the group legal plan member is, that person receives the very same courtesy and attention. Company decision-makers have always appreciated that about the Countrywide service. They also like how the voluntary payroll deduction aspect makes the Countrywide benefit so much easier to administer. Service is quick and efficient. The plan itself is tailored to meet the needs of the employer. Nothing is boilerplate and Countrywide is flexible to meet the needs of the client.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has been administering group legal plans for Delaware employers and organizations for more than 27 years. The prepaid group legal plan can be a part of the comprehensive benefit package a company currently has. This is the kind of benefit that is used and appreciated. A person may not use these plans for employer/employee related matters, but Countrywide includes provisions that help employees in any number of issues that require legal expertise.

The people of Delaware make great employees. Their hard work and enterprise have made this little corner of America, a place of great opportunity for ambitious employees. They deserve the kind of benefits that provide security and protection against legal storms Delaware employees view group legal benefit plans as management’s way of looking out for their welfare, and like having legal assistance as part of their benefits package. A call to Countrywide can get the whole process moving in the right direction for the benefit of all employees.

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