Residents love to call Ohio “The Heart of it All.” In some ways, the Buckeye State is exactly that. There are wide number of diverse cultures that are within the borders of the state. Cleveland has ethnic communities straight from Poland and Hungary, as does Toledo. Cincinnati is a German enclave, and the Mennonites and Amish can be found sprinkled through the eastern part of the state. Ohioans can be employees of Fortune 500 companies or small startups. Wherever they work, they appreciate the importance of comprehensive company benefit plans. A group legal plan is something all of them can definitely put to good use.

It is because legal problems can surface unexpectedly. They can happen in the heart of the major metropolis of Columbus or on a farm outside of Xenia. People need to be able to connect with a network of good attorneys for any number of reasons. Having a group legal plan for assistance is important.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has been offering group legal plan benefits since 1987, and we have offered them for all kinds of organizations. By no means does this mean we have just one standard design. We work to the needs of an individual employer and of that organization’s workforce. Our plans are tailored to the express wishes of the client. Our Personal Legal Protector Plan is an exemplary legal benefit that provides a wide variety of options. People having trouble with public agencies, or those having difficulty preparing the case for small claims will find Countrywide attorneys to be invaluable.

Services that are as common as drafting wills or as complex as interpreting contracts provide a real value to a plan member. The Countrywide attorneys are recruited for the great personal skills. It doesn’t matter if a person lives in Cleveland or Urbana; the same down-home courtesy and respect is given. Best of all, the attorneys are close by. We allow unlimited number of telephone calls to an attorney on a given situation, and face-to-face consultations are possible. This is more than just having an automated service spit out programmed answers. If you are a Countrywide group legal plan member you’re going get service from a real human being.

The Countrywide group legal plan can be an amazing offering for a private insurance exchange. These entities know they have to offer the very best to their client companies, and that is what they get with Countrywide. We see to it that the administration is as easy as possible. There is high quality legal assistance available for everyone who is in a Countrywide plan.

The big game in Ohio is the OSU – Michigan rivalry. Should a plan member be in Michigan and have a legal emergency, our network will cover, that person across the state border. We also will provide referrals if the legal emergency is unique. This is all part of providing the best possible legal assistance to everyone. Our legal plan assures your employees complete confidentiality and is usable in Ohio and throughout the country. Although business related matters are not are not eligible for services under our group legal plan, our network of experienced attorneys can assist with an endless number of other matters. It is the kind of benefit that is widely used by the plan members.

To find out more, call us toll-free at 1-800-550-5297 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response.


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