Patterson is the county seat of the Passaic County, New Jersey. It once was known as the Silk City because of all the silk production and the nickname still holds. Patterson has changed as so many other urban areas have in the recent years. A new feature to Patterson is its place in the immigration to the United States. This is a major port of entry for Hispanic immigrants. Furthermore, immigrants from the Muslim world are coming into Patterson, making it the second largest concentration of Muslims in United States. These newcomers have distinct challenges that are aided by group legal plan benefits.

Helping Foreign Employees

This is a strange land for these people, with new languages and different laws. It can be very frightening for any foreign employee. Organizations need to think of a group legal plan as one of the best forms of assistance. Moreover, as they struggle to assimilate and adjust to a new culture, the financial wellness of these people can be a problem. Credit cards may be entirely new and bewildering. Having some good advice can help. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is aware of the challenges that for employees often confront. It is why we provide group legal plan benefits and a financial wellness programs for employers to consider.

Service with Respect

Immigrants come to America have every right to be treated with respect. The customs and language may be different, but they still should be treated with dignity. Empathy is something Countrywide provides. We insist that our lawyers and financial wellness counselors have superior human skills. These are critical skills for dealing with new arrivals.

Pre-paid legal services such as interpreting documents requires trust. The plan member has to be able to have confidence in the lawyer. Help with financial affairs is a delicate situation for anyone. Immigrants are very concerned about their money. Our counselors go over everything patiently and answer all questions. No question is considered irrelevant and plan members are never treated as being stupid.

Patterson employers need to know that our financial wellness counselors and attorneys are in the local area. No employee has to deal with somebody at a distance. We also make sure that it is easy to contact any of our people. In the group legal plan, a member is permitted unlimited telephone calls on a given situation. The attorney will also make telephone calls and write letters on behalf of the member. This is a critical service for anybody who has trouble with the language. It can happen unethical merchants will take advantage of an immigrant by not honoring warranties or providing shoddy merchandise. A Countrywide attorney can help see to it that an employee is not taken advantage of by such people. Indeed, we can help prepare a small claims court body of evidence. These are the kind of services that make immigrants less of a victim.

We see to it that all services are delivered as quickly as possible. No employee of a Countrywide client has to wait a long period of time. This is essential for a foreign born person. He or she isn't quite sure of when service will be delivered. Our administration is streamlined to make things move. Having access to an attorney immediately or financial wellness counselor the next day all help relieve anxiety.

Paterson Clients Can Choose

The best way to guarantee employee appreciation is give them benefits they want. This is not always easy because demographics come into the equation. It is why we allow our clients to choose what options will be part of the plan document. Regardless of what is selected, both in the pre-paid legal services benefits and financial wellness programs the same quality service is provided with a human touch.

New arrivals to America are hard-working and want to experience the American dream. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provide the kind of benefits employers may use to help their workers. All of our various benefit options are available for review. We invite decision-makers and human resources directors to contact us. We welcome any questions and will provide solid answers.


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