Georgia is noted for its red clay and down-home hospitality. Residents of the state treat people with sincere kindness and are very friendly. This is a state that has a variety of commercial enterprises, and these can be found in the booming metropolis of Atlanta or the quieter town of Valdosta. Wherever Georgia employees are they want to have great benefits from their employers. A group legal plan is something that is deeply appreciated.

High-quality service means a lot to these people. They fully expect to be treated like someone special, and have their legal problems taking care of efficiently. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services respects that need and provides group legal plans that offer expert assistance. The Countrywide network of attorneys is nationwide, and locally oriented. Any Countrywide group legal plan member living in the Peach State will be treated like a next-door neighbor. It is because they probably are living very close to the Countrywide attorney.

The customer service provided as an emphasis on people skills. A group legal plan member under the Countrywide umbrella can make an unlimited number of telephone calls to our attorney. If a plan member needs a telephone call made on his or her behalf, or perhaps a formal letter written, it will be done by the Countrywide attorney. These legal professionals have no problem scheduling a face-to-face consultation if necessary. They know the Countrywide group legal plan member expects courtesy. It is a service that is given no matter what the problem may be.

The legal benefits are important and Countrywide offers comprehensive assistance. Consumer protection, drafting a last will and testament, or helping resolve problems with the warranty are a few of the things Countrywide lawyers do all the time for plan members. Contracts can be very confusing the Countrywide attorney can interpret the clauses. If there is a need for assistance with a public agency than the Countrywide legal professional goes right to work. What a group legal plan member needs is received.

Employers appreciate the sensitive touch we have and how we address all of the issues. No one is treated as a number. The Countrywide Personal Legal Protector Plan is the kind of benefit option that any private insurance exchange will want to offer clients. We make things even easier with efficient administration, and plan designs that are tailored to the organization. We will not deal with boilerplate plans. An employer has the right to choose exactly what is needed for the workforce. What happens is a plan design is unique to the organization. This allows for the right kind of service to be given to the best kind of employees. We also have streamlined administration so that service is provided that much quicker. Clients have always complemented us on the courtesy, efficiency, and results that we provide. We want to be of service to Georgia employers and their highly productive employees.

Our legal plan assures your employees complete confidentiality and is usable in Georgia and throughout the country. Although business related matters are not are not eligible for service under our group legal plan, our network of experienced attorneys can assist with an endless number of other matters.

To find out more, call us toll-free at 1-800-550-5297 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response.


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