Advice on Small Claims Court

Advice on Small Claims Court

People can face any number of problems in life, and some of these are going to require good legal advice to resolve. The group legal plans offered by Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services are intended to solve problems, and also relieve the anxiety people feel when confronted with the law and its requirements. Our comprehensive and affordable Personal Legal Protector Plan is a legal benefit that is intended to help a plan member with a variety of legal matters. One component of this comprehensive group legal plan is Advice on Small Claims Court.

This is the judicial court that most people will have dealings with. From state to state, the laws regarding cases in small claims court can vary greatly. For example, most states limit the amount you can sue for in small claims court between $3,000 and $5,000. Some states, such as Tennessee, however, have limits up to $25,000. Awards for eviction cases can be limitless in several states. A person doesn’t always know what the maximum is in his or her state. It is possible that there may be a statute of limitations involved, which prohibits a claim from being filed after a certain period of time has gone by. A legal benefit that helps a plan member better understand small claims court helps remove an awful lot of obstacles to a resolution. Anyone facing small claims court has a lot of questions and the attorneys who are part of a Countrywide group legal plan provides answers as part of the legal benefit.

It is essential that a person receive good professional legal advice in a small claims court situation. Our plan attorneys can advise you on your specific case, citing the rules and laws of your state (and city, when applicable). Confusion over limits regarding money and time are easily settled by these professionals were part of the group legal plan.

Even if a person feels prepared and the case seems straightforward, a lawyer can warn of possible pitfalls that could potentially harm a case (counterclaims, lack of evidence, etc.). As part of the customer service which is an unwritten part of the Countrywide legal benefit, Countrywide attorneys can give tips on how to best present the case. Although a lawyer is not typically allowed to be present in small claims court with a plan member, the network of attorneys of a Countrywide group legal plan can help organize evidence before the court date to increase a person’s chances of success.

Collecting Judgments

One of the most difficult tasks of a small claims court case is often not the actual case itself, but collecting the judgment afterwards. The court will not pursue the judgment, because in most states this is the responsibility of the person receiving the award. An attorney can help get what is owed by filing the necessary paperwork to seize the defendant’s assets, garnish the defendant’s wages/bank account, or place a lien against the defendant’s property. In other words, a good attorney can make it extremely difficult for a defendant to escape a rightful payment.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services design legal benefit plans that are very easy to administer. Human resources will be glad to know that a voluntary prepaid payroll deduction plan can be instituted without any difficulty. Plan members will be more than satisfied with all the many benefits that are made available. They will also appreciate the level of customer service which we offer, and the empathy and courtesy exhibited by the attorneys.

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