Premier Plus Identity Theft Protector Plan

Premier Identity Theft Protector PlanPeople enjoy doing business on the Internet. It is so convenient to shop at home, and trusting your credit card information to a reputable web platform makes things easier. Hackers are glad you shop online. It makes it easier for them to steal your data and sell it to someone else. Your credit card information, or any other personal material you share with a website, can be used by hackers to rob you blind.

Once you discover your information has been compromised, you have to undo all of the damage. It is not easy and takes considerable time. Your credit scores may drop and your ability to secure a loan becomes harder. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is here to help you.

Designed to be both affordable and beneficial, our Premier Plus ID Protector Plan offers a variety of features that help you stay on top of your credit history to prevent identity theft. This plan can also help you reconstruct your credit in the event that you do fall victim to an identity crime. You’ll receive benefits such as:

  • Credit Bureau Reports and Credit Scores (annually from 3 bureaus): Receive unlimited online access to your 3 bureau credit reports and scores with your own dashboard
  • 24/7 Credit Monitoring & Email Alerts: Active credit monitoring & alerts for public records, derogatory payments and new accounts
  • $1,000,000 of ID Theft Insurance: Reimbursement for lost wages up to $1,500/week for 5 weeks, legal fees, expenses and stolen fund reimbursement
  • Dark Web & Internet Monitoring: Globally searches the dark web for use of SSN, name, email address and mailing address in over 25 languages and will notify you of suspicious activity
  • ID Theft Fraud Restoration Services: Get assigned to a U.S.-based fraud restoration specialist if you were to become a victim of identity theft
  • Application Monitoring & Alerts: Monitors millions of transactions in real time for attempts to use your SSN on an application or ID authentication
  • Change of Address Monitoring & Alerts: Monitors the National Change of Address database at the USPS and alerts you if a request is received to change your information
  • Checking Account Reporting: Know if your checking accounts have been reported for unpaid fees, overdrawn accounts, suspected fraud, etc.
  • Synthetic ID Theft Monitoring: Tracks your SSN for any evidence of synthetic ID theft where your SSN is used with someone else’s name
  • SSN Alerts: Monitors your SSN for attempted abuse in association with an application or ID authentication
  • Lost Wallet Protection & Replacement Assistance: Take immediate action to cancel and replace cards before they can be used and get help with filing police reports
  • File Sharing Monitoring & Alerts: Monitors the file sharing networks that may be used by identity thieves to sell or share identities
  • Opt Out (Junk Mail/Do Not Call List)
  • Online Knowledge Center: Knowledge base of educational articles, tips and more

At Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., we understand that becoming the victim of identity theft can be scary and the process to rebuild your good name can be even more daunting. With our Premier Plus ID Protector Plan, you can rest assured that your credit is being monitored at all times to quickly identify suspicious activity on your bank, credit card, loan or other financial accounts.

Additionally, you can take full advantage of complimentary services, such as our customer service support center to get reliable answers to all your credit questions and you can take advantage of our generous $1,000,000 identity theft insurance if your credit is ever infiltrated.

Identity theft is a crisis and it should not be allowed to devastate your good financial reputation. The Premier Plus ID Protector Plan will help you rebound from what could be a sizable disaster. Our services are intentionally designed for quick response. You get the help you need as soon as possible from Countrywide.

To find out more, call us toll-free at 1-800-550-5297 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response.

Client Reviews
The legal plan has been a great resource and they commonly align the practice area with the best of the best. I have used this in multiple states and locations for a range of services and have saved 10x program costs. I highly recommend this service and is a great benefit MTM provides us. T. Lucas
I have been able to personally recommend this to a number of our people base on the excellent service and quality advice that I have received over the last two years. I have been able to have a new will drawn up, have received advice and review of real estate contracts both in New Jersey and Florida, and have had occasion, unfortunately, to seek advice on criminal charges filed against one of my teenagers. We were delighted when the charges were dropped, the direct result of the representation of the lawyer I immediately contacted from Countrywide. I will continue to recommend Countrywide based on my personal experience as well as the feedback that I have received from our employees. P. Daniels HR Director
We have offered Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services to our employees since 2007. At the time, we were looking for a unique, low cost benefit offering for our employees. I had heard about pre-paid legal services, but must admit, I didn’t think our employees would get much bang for their buck. I was wrong, I was stunned at how many employees actually enrolled in the plan during that first year. Our enrollment continues to be strong and employees rave about the benefit year after year. The plan is simple to administer and Countrywide handle everything in an organized, professional manner. It’s been a very well-received benefit for our employees. J. Magrowski, VP Human Resources
I am very pleased to recommend Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services as your legal plan provider. Our benefits philosophy is to attract, motivate, reward and retain the best employees and Countrywide complimented our total rewards package. The set up and rollout of this plan was well organized and quite easy to administer. Countrywide has been easy to work with, has attended our benefit fairs, group meetings and provides us with all communication pieces for open enrollment. J. Kilpatrick Benefits Manager
We made a decision to offer Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services as a voluntary benefit to our full-time employees. The benefit was well-received by employees and enrollment has been consistently high. The plan is easy to administer and fully paid at the employee level. Countrywide attends all of our employee fairs, gives an excellent presentation to our employees and they are timely and responsive to our request for information. From an HR perspective, I can highly recommend this service to any company looking to enhance their employee benefits package with quality choices while keeping costs manageable. S. Phillips, VP, Human Resources
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